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Renovation of the Great Wall
Time: 2013/4/22 15:26:52        Source: GAAS BEIJING        Click: 0

On April 11th, 2013 six spouses from African embassies took the Great wall renovation charity activity.

Great Wall is considered the symbol of Chinese back bone. Since wall stands always there, people believe it symbolized eternity. From some 22hundred years ago, wall was built and being renovated from time to time. All those renovation works were done or organized by governments through dynasties.


2013/4/11, organized by themselves and assisted by local travel agent with farmers, 6 spouses repaired the Great Wall in person with bricks and white mud. 2 hours driving shows a total different view of wall from the view that people are familiar with. Collapsed bricks are scattered. Assisted by white mud worker, each lady left their brick building work on one of the seven wonders in the world.

Buffet lunch at Badaling hotel was "a bottle of water in desert" nearby the site.

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