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My Experience In China from Mrs FELEGE HIWOT BERHE
Time: 2013/5/13 10:10:37        Source: GAAS BEIJING        Click: 0



This time, in Beijing, like the previous years, I am still in diplomacy as a spouse of an ambassador, a long-serving Ethiopian foreign minister, accredited as an Ethiopian Ambassador to the People's Republic of China. Since the year 2001, I knew the Capital and some other major cities, including Hong Kong and Macao. For over12years, I had the opportunity to pay a visit to the country on the average of two or more times every other year. 

Amazingly, I remained in touch with the culture and traditional values of the great ancestors of the Chinese people. My connection is an eyewitness testimony of the tremendous achievements in socio-economic development and transformation undergoing through out the nation. It is thus clear that how a county emerges in to a global height of historic record with full revelation of the secrets of its success just in a few decades.   

Such is the state of life, all of which helping us to dream deep, for "every dream precedes the goal". This mission brought new insights to our own experiences as well as to consciously imagine for the future of our country focusing more on what needs to be done at the  present. All this, to a greater or lesser extent, will keep our nation to speed up the pace of change and overcome the challenges we face in the era of globalization.

From the start, I decided to make the most of my minutes, explore new experiences, learn and discover how to live for a purpose. Through diplomatic channel and that of my social duties in the Association of the Group of African Ambassadors' Spouses in Beijing, I came to know different Chinese governmental and non-governmental institutions, establishments and individuals intimately. 

Within this matrix, I am truly honored and trusted to serve in the Executive Committee Responsible for Social and Protocol Affairs. It is the true worth of me to enroll myself to some great causes through a proper path to promote friendship and solidarity between the peoples of Africa and China.  This year in April, among of all the numerous cultural, fund-raising and philanthropic activities, social work emerges as the most significant and rewarding one to our Group. 

On the eve of the 50th Anniversary of the OAU/AU ,  Members celebrated the solemn ceremony of the Pearl Anniversary of GAAS Beijing by launching an African Cooking Book  titled "African Delicacies". The book of African Delicacies is perhaps the largest collection of its kind currently published in China, containing 63 recipes of 33 African countries. As it reflects the art of African traditional cooking, it is the latest but modest effort by the Group to serve humanitarian cause with which we adhere to. 

All of this was part of the essential mechanism of what we came to call it an established aim to reach those who are on dire need of any help in any form in the host country. The income thus generated from the current Event was earmarked to assist victims of the earth quake that inflicted heavy lose on human and material destructions in Sichuan Province.

I know the prize of the high pinnacle of our fulfillment could have been almost nil without all the members who committed themselves and contribute to this book. In reality, the most helpful effort exerted by the Book Committee; Mme Zuobeda-Algeria, Mme Josee- Burundi, Mme Anne Marie- Rwanda and myself from Ethiopia  was indispensable to the conquest of the goal pursued. 

Sincere communication and a special sympathy between committee members brought deep faith and belief to race ahead towards the desired target. It is well, our confidence that embarked on great and honorable courses with sure hope and trust in itself. Thus, warm and genuine congratulatory massages such as 'united we can reach great heights, but divided we fall' were convoyed to the Group to stand in unison. 

Despite the success story of the Event, every one of us should always strive to secure steady growth of GAAS Beijing. We must team up to the best of our ability and focus on the present and future opportunities by bonding new ideas to prompt the prospects of the race to creat an excellent working environment. So this is the power of unity in harmony with a common goal which ensures the continuity of the commitment to integrity, transparency and accountability.

Such a true responsible action can also properly build the shared values of the Members strong  enough to lead every great moment to its ultimate destination. Firmness of purpose is the best instrument for our task to leave a legacy of social responsibility behind us. It is now, and in this part of the globe, that I live with duty and pride until the end of my tenure. 

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